1/1/1 TvT

So I am a lower league player(just got into gold today) and I took some of day9's advice and in the lower leagues I just found one build I like and did it in every match up and every situation in order to just learn to be better in general until you start to get up higher. well now that I'm in gold, I dont want to totally change my build or anything, but want to tweak my build a little to be better in TvT. TvP and TvZ are easy for me still, i dont have problems there, but when i face terran i just get DEMOLISHED completely. My typical build order is something like

9 depot

12 rax

13 gas

15 OC

18 factory +gas(2)

@100%fact -> starport + tech lab on factory + reactor on Rax

@100% starport -> on tech lab then banshee +new tech lab on factory

around 50 food rax(2)

continual marine/tank/medivac(or sometimes banshee)/marauder production + siege mode

@ 10:00 all-in with about 15-18 marines, 1-2marauders, 4 tanks, and 3banshee/medivac

the problem is i get destroyed by my opponent if he goes marine tank, the tanks just kill me. any help trying to do a similar build but better for TvT would e great, maybe one with an early expand like a 1 rax FE, instead of what i do now which is expand at 10:00 when i push. thank you all for any help