Dear Day[9] (Daily Suggestion/Request)

Dear Day[9],

     I am a low-ranked Terran. I keep seeing all these cool styles of play (like TvP mech in #521) that I have trouble carrying out in a match, either because my micro's not up to snuff, or because my macro keeps slipping. Is there any way to help us n00bs out by doing a daily (like a Newbie Tuesday) on some good old fashioned bog-standard play, or a basic framework for a matchup that we can expand upon? There seems to be a lot of high-level talk on what to do (especially in less rigidly defined match-ups like TvZ), but not so much on how to do it. I think my fellow noobs from the other two races (not just Terran) would probably appreciate this as well (but for their own races, obviously :P).

Sincerely, BritKnight