Announcing: So You Think You Can Cast

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We've been getting a ton of emails from new casters wanting to help out which gave us an idea.  Promoting grass-roots eSports is a continual goal of ours at the After Hours Gaming League, so we’ve been searching for a good way to involve more passionate people.  With this in mind, we are pleased to announce a special new addition to the AHGL: "So You Think You Can Cast".

What is it?

"So You Think You Can Cast" offers up-and-coming casters an opportunity to show their skills and get their names out there in a competition with their peers.  A group of applicants will be selected to participate, and every week they will cast some of the games from the AHGL.  Then in the playoffs, our viewers will vote on who did the best job - determining who moves on to the next round until the very first "So You Think You Can Cast" Champion is declared.

  • Both solo casters and teams are allowed to enter, however you cannot enter as both as solo caster and as part of a team.  One or the other.  We want the best casts possible, so if someone else will shore up your weak areas, go for it.  We wouldn't mind finding the next Tastosis or Jattman!
  • Have some examples of what you've done before.  A link to your YouTube channel or your stream profile is a requirement here.  This should contain casts of StarCraft II or League of Legends matches.  Sorry guys, but we can't just take your word for it that you're a super-awesome caster if you can’t show an example.
  • Have a copy of your favorite streaming program (e.g., xSplit) and know how to use it.
  • Entrants will be pre-screened by our casting coordination team.  Entry selections are final.

What are the rules?

You can read the rules here.

How do I enter?

Use our contact form with the subject of the format [AHGL Caster Application] full name - game.  For example: [AHGL Caster Application] Sean Plott - Starcraft 2.  Make sure to include an email address to best reach you at, as well as the links to your work.

Looking forward to seeing your casts!

- Bryan “Avalonstar” Veloso