Any input on a priest deck

Any impressions on this priest deck?  I'm hovering around level 15 with it, and I think I need to change something soon, I'm just not sure what.  If i get the combos it works great, but an early silence or loss of control can be devastating.  plus, warlock murlock is difficult to deal with.

holy smite

inner fire x 2

power word: shield x 2

light warden

northshire cleric x 2 (not sure I need two)

divine spirit

shadow word pain

armani berserker (not sure on this one)

light well

shadow word death x 2

aucheni soulpriest

defender of argus

lightspawn x 2

sen'jin shieldmaster

holy nova x 2

temple enforcer x 2

stormwind champion


mind control x 2