A GvG pali that has decent matchups against most.

Hi there, just wanted to share a deck that has taken me from rank 20 to rank 5 with an almost 70% win rate.  I knew I wouldn't have much time to play this season, so figured I'd just make a few decks and derp around, but all of the sudden this deck shot me up into the 7 area before I encountered any real resistance.  I think this could go all the way to legend, and will likely make a push with it next season.  It's similar to Trump's Quartermaster pali, though perhaps a bit faster to keep up with zoo/hunter, which I personally faced a lot on this climb.

2x Zombie Chow -- amazing 1-drop, almost always trades 2 for 1 against a 1 drop and quite a few 2 drops, curves you out and let's you save coin for something more valuable.

2x Equality -- swell board clear, combo'd mostly with consecration but also knife / muster late game.

2x Shield Bot -- because, red alert.  Amazing card, so sticky on t2.  This is a great coined out t1 though.  I don't typically coin out knife juggler because it's vulnerable to wrath, darkbomb, flamethrower, etc etc.  This isn't.

2x Knife Juggler -- first early game threat, huge synergy with muster and hero power, as well as equality if it shows up later.  Don't be afraid to play it on a naked board, but typically don't coin it out.  The deck has lots of other threats as well.

2x Muster for Battle -- The peanut butter of the deck.  More detailed strat at bottom, too much to put here.

2x Aldor Peacekeeper -- this deck is vulnerable early giants/drakes (don't want to waste equality on 1 giant etc).  Aldor fixes that to an extent.  Mostly in play because handlock is a thing, but a solid 3 drop against any class and helps out against out of control undertakers, mishas, hoggers, etc.

1x Sword of Justice -- Here is where Trump and I start to diverge (also the jugglers).  I find this too good with muster to ignore, though it is fairly slow.  Mustered soldiers will get the buff before it destroys the SoJ and gives you a light justice.  Don't be afraid to use it to hit stuff with because you are very rarely using all 5 charges on buffs.  Also makes everything stickier in general.

1x Lil' Exorcist -- because hunter tears are so delicious.  Honestly this is just an annoying 3 drop that can get really powerful against zoo and hunter.  Not much heal in this deck, so you don't want to take too much face damage early and have soulfires, bombs, kill commands getting behing your minions late game.  This card alone almost always goes 3 for 1 against hunter (imagine webspinner x 2 on board, mad scientist, loot hoarder = 6/7) or makes them sac their undertaker.  Solid card in any deck.  Potentially eats a silence for Tirion.

2x Truesilver -- probably the best common weapon in game.  A must to clear boards and take firm control.  Consider that 2 of these is 8 heal alongside the 16 damage.  8 mana, 2 cards, for 8 heal, 16 damage?  Yes please!

2x Shredder -- so sticky, can produce some really great 2 drops, so always play in the middle of your board (in case you get flametongue, alpha wolf, etc.)  So sad when it's a doomsayer driving, careful of that.

2x Consecration -- Equality/consecration is basically your only board clear.  Pretty much every game I've lost with this deck is because I used it too early.  Obviously just use it against rush/mech decks whenever pressure is too high.  The finesse is when to use it against handlock, druid, other palis, etc.

1x Cult Master -- More trump divergence.  Ok, this is your only minion card draw.  This one card.  And it's all you need because your minions are SO sticky and buffed and mana efficient.  I feel good when I get 2 cards from it, but even 1 is acceptable at times (if you have LoH in your hand etc.).  Can be insanely powerful for obvious reasons with pali hero power and equality.

1x Spellbreaker -- This can be an owl, but you need something to get around other Tirions, keep Sylvannas and Cairne at bay, etc.  Your cards are so mana efficient and the deck curves so well that I think it's fine to have your silence cost 4, leaves a good body behind.

2x Sludge Belcher -- Belcher is still too good.  Sticky, great synergy with SoJ and KJ.

2x Quartermaster -- The jelly of the deck.  More detail at bottom.

1x Cairne -- sticky.  See the theme?

1x Guardian of Kings - Please oh please use CC on this guy!  Please oh please oh please!  Mana is never a problem, so this curves into your late game just fine.  Can play even if heal isn't necessary to bait out CC for Tirion.

1x Lay on Hands -- Card draw, heals you up, decent in any match-up, particularly against mid-range decks that tend to not want to trade with your minions for fear of consecrate.  Somewhat useful as a heal on Tirion or GoK, but not especially, usually a bit win more at that point.

1x Tirion -- Because Tirion.  One of the most dangerous class specific legendaries.  Even if you kill him, you still have the weapon to deal with.

That's the deck, a little bit of strategy.  So first, what's the dream hand and play.  With coin:

t1 Zombie, t2 KJ/Shieldbot t3 muster t4 coin out QM.  Nothing really counters this except hellfire and it's a turn too early for brawl so it's going to do something,, and even if brawl happens, you still have an empty board against a warrior and sludge/cairne right around the corner.  t5 cult master and trade part of your board into controlling it or go face if they have nothing to say.

Other great combos: t2 coin out SoJ, t3 muster.  Nothing wrong with this at all, though if you have a zombie, it's better to hero power zombie t3 and then muster next turn to use all charges of SoJ

KJ/Muster is incredibly powerful after an equality or low power boards, careful against acolytes and armorsmiths.

But if things don't go so well, just play it to curve, and save your coin.  What's great about pali right now is that pali hero power is much scarier than it used to be because of QM and opponents need to deal with it.  They can't afford to ignore t2 hero power, t3 hero power, t4 hero power shield bot.  Because next turn you could QM.  So those little 1/1s almost become taunts for you.

So you play the curve and generate card advantage, hoping to survive to late game, and play a bunch of minions behind Tirion or Lay on Hands/GoK.

t8 muster/QM is great, t7 with coin.  You always want to keep that combo in mind.  And there are some nice t10s as well from soj equality kj muster.

Don't be afraid to play early muster on an empty board (except maybe against warrior, and to a lesser extent, druid).  Nothing wrong with threat / removal, but you don't want a WW to deal with a muster, no, not so much.

Well, hope you like the deck.  Again, knowing I had so little time playing these holidays, I thought I would just goof around in the low teens high singles, but all the sudden I'm at 5, which is frankly where it gets difficult, but it took like 3 sessions to get there, and it seemed to perform well against really anything.  Keeps up with mech and zoo and hunter, punishes very greedy control, and pulls ahead of much mid-game because of SoJ/QM/Truesilver and buffs.  It's also (most importantly) an absolute blast to play!