Hey, I just made an account to respond, heh.  I've always been an avid watcher of Sean's.  I don't subscribe, but I do always enjoy his shows, usually after they've been published on youtube.  I have to say, I love watching Sean play Hearthstone, and I'm tuned into his stream so much more because of it, have even been watching live which I never did beside the occassional funday monday.  I personally think it's entertaining and enlightening watching him make mistakes (as well as good plays), as opposed to watching the pros who pretty much only make the "right" play, even if it doesn't work out.  I actually learn quite a bit from it as well, because since he is (frankly) pretty average at hearthstone, but exceptional at explaining his logic and mind set, I can see where I might make the same mistakes as well--like a play that looks attractive, but then once you see it in action, you realize it was lower percentage than what you could have done.  At any rate, only love for Sean, I mean no disrespect from my post.  Keep up the great work with hearthstone!  Plus, it's awesome seeing him improve and adapt as the seasons go on and new cards come out!  I wish I was as fearless as you in just changing up my deck when I feel like something isn't working, and feeling confident in my decisions (though my stubbornness probably also gets me through the bad rng a little bit better when you invariably lose with what would normally be a winning deck).