You made a good point; he responded hostilely

Some people complain to the universe, and the only response that will satisfy them is one that agrees with them one hundred per cent.  You made a good point, but you didn't agree with him, and so he said you have no point.  Except you do, far more than I can see in his post--you are right, rogue is in a rough spot right now, perhaps a victim of being "fixed" to the point of being borderline unplayable, and I very much agree with your point/comparison regarding palis.  Palis were pretty weak in constructed pre-GvG (as is rogue right now), but GvG gave pali a ton of utility with muster/quartermaster, shield-bot, the interaction with muster/SoJ, as well as reducing their vulnerability to board clears by making stickier minions in general.  Also, because of the threat of QM, people can't just ignore pali hero power anymore, which is perhaps the biggest boon to the pali post-GvG.  I'm loving the new pali--hated the state it was in pre-GvG, even though it was my "favorite" class.  GvG rogue has...more weapon options, I dunno, honestly they have no GvG cards that really scream "oh, that's interesting" or "oh, that works with that card".  Really, their GvG cards are very uninspired right now in my opinion as well, so I am a bit bummed that they are in a bad place as well.  But I will take that over the utter boringness that was miracle any day, where there was literally no interaction with the board whatsoever.  As far as I go, I was a bit bummed that I couldn't make pali work as well as other classes pre-GvG--control pali just didn't cut the "muster" compared to other control decks (handlock, control war, priest, druid, basically anything), so I guess I couldn't play my "favorite" class either.  But I dealt with it, and played the meta.  Now that palis are in a better place, I'm having a blast playing one.