Artificial Intelligence tournament starting and streaming LIVE!

You probably heard of the SC tournament of custom Artificial Intelligence bots called SSCAI. It comes with live streams, achievement system, unlockable portraits for bots and so on. That kind of stuff. Several people from this forum participate in it. The overall goal is to get more young people into Game AI research.

Anyway, the SSCAI 2013 is starting now, together with this launch campaign where you can unlock cool bunuses and decide what will be happening this year. For example:

  • FFA games with neutral HERO units bearing names of you guys and attacking everything
  • Cooperative bot games against Blizzard's native AI
  • Human vs. Machine games featuring AI bots against decent human players
  • Online bot programming courses

Go and check it out here (VIDEO INSIDE). You can also:

  • get to play against custom artificial intelligence bots,
  • appear in-game as a hero,
  • decide what chat messages the bots will type in,
  • get some badass T-Shirts,
  • advertise on the TWITCH streams, etc.

If you want to support the young community around Game AI research, go check it out! Also, if you know your Java or C++, consider participating (we're still accepting the bot submissions and you can find the tutorial on the tournament web).