StarCraft 2 bots

Now that's a good topic. In layman terms, to code a bot for any game, you need a collection of functions that allow you any computer program (bot) to access the game state and actually play. This collection is called API. For example, the API for BW provides functions like Game::getAllUnits() or Unit::attack(). Once you have this, it's really easy to write the bots. The problem is that there is no API for SC2 at the moment and Blizzard won't allow us to create one. Actually, their current position is something like "if you even think about making a SC2 API, we will sue you". Since they tolerate BW API, there is a tiny chance they'll reconsider in a few years, but until then, SC2 bots cannot go mainstream. You may have seen some videos of SC2 bots, but these are just Map Editor scripts, which means that: they can only play on that one map, they cannot learn from games (since they cannot store information on disk or in DB), they cannot use any external programs or tools (for example logic programming solvers), you cannot chose your programming language to code them, etc. So to summarize, coding bots for SC2 isn't a technical problem - it's a legal one. By the way, what do you guys think we all should do about it? Try to make Blizzard change their mind by attracting public attention to SC AI? Try to make an API for some other new game? If so, which one?