Funception: A Funday Monday within a Funday Monday

Ok, I've submitted this idea several times before, and even had my friend deliver the message to Mr. Plott in person at the Red Bull Lan, to which the good DayJ replied "we'll make it happen." It has, unfortunately, been several months and I am sad that it has not happened. Perhaps it's still in the works, but I figure it can't hurt to see if it can be backed by the forums on itself.

In any case, here is my idea:

The topic for this particular Funday Monday would be to submit games wherein you, the viewers/players, are attempting to fulfill as many previous Funday Monday topics in a single game as possible. You can be any race, in any type of game (1v1, 2v2, FFA, etc), but you must fulfill at LEAST two previous Funday Monday restrictions in the same game (for example, Building Queens at all times with Spine Crawler attacks).

The challenge is to see who can come up with the most/craziest combinations of restrictions. This is our chance to REALLY show DayJ how creative we can be, and I think the games submitted could be absolutely insanely awesome to watch.

I have actually created an Excel spreadsheet detailing all possible previous Funday Monday topics (up through episode 479, currently, and I'll update it with the others soon) categorized by both race and game type so you can easily isolate topics you want to try and that might work together. For example, you couldn't do Monobattles and worst 2v2 partners of all time simultaneously.

TL;DR I've got a cool idea where we try to do as many previous Fundays as possible in a single game. Help me make it a reality.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Only constructive things can come of posting here, right? ;)