What if you base your start up on an ideaL rather than an idea?

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Sean, i don't know if you remember me at all, i'm Charles from CyberActiv. We met at the NASL in toronto. I'm also Kitty's friend, in fact she lives downstairs...anyway back to topic.

In Lesson 1 you mention that you need to have that great, unique, idea. But what if the idea itself is an ideal, a dream someone would dare say. Some would call it an utopia, or the promise of a better world. What if it's that ideal that fuels this business i'm building. A business that doesn't rely on a single idea but more like the idea of a shared common goal.

Obviously profit is in mind, that's a no brainer. But let's say you don't have to pitch your ideas to investors, can't you rely on that fire burning? I personnally took on a mission to make esports prosper in Canada and as long as I have this heart burning with passion in my ribcage and an bit of energy, I can make this work. 

And as you mentionned, I clearly won't gamble. Tread lightly, slowly but effectively. And I'll make sure to remember Steve's quote. 

Strange fact : We rely on unity rather than competition, I wonder if it will ever work on North America. Works in europe, why not here?