Are the DayKnights Feeling Festive?

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I've heard people asking recently about when another DayKnight Festival will be happening, and thought I'd start checking to see how much interest there would be in one. By the way, I can't tip my hat enough, GMFaustus (and maybe others before him?) did a great job of pulling people together and producing these in the past.
Myself, I'm kind of curious what things are important to people, and figured I'd throw a survey up here later. However, there were two questions that occurred to me immediately. The first question is the obvious one, when would be the best time to get the highest possible attendance. To get an idea of availability, I've created a doodle poll at:

If you go to the poll, you'll see that there is quite a large range of possible dates (in the July to August range) and times suggested, feel free to check any you think might work. The idea is really just to get a statistical sampling of the community, nothing concrete (and it should be anonymous). I didn't see a way to let users suggest other times, but if I haven't sufficiently covered Europe or Asia, post in the comments.
The second question is how important is it to have content streamed. On one side, DayKnight streamers might benefit from the exposure, but on the other side, it adds a whole lot of complexity to the production. Personally, I'm not a streamer, so I don't gain anything from it, but I think a single channel could provide some added entertainment and a way to coordinate and pull in more people. Maybe there is a way to a make a "DayKnight Community Access" channel instead of piggy-backing on streamers accounts?
At any rate, start thinking about this, visit the doodle, and if it looks like there might be critical mass, I'll post that survey I mentioned above targeted at previous attendees or those active in the community to see what works and what doesn't with this sort of thing.
Finally, we're a community known for our self-organization, and everyone is super active and involved in projects. This survey is certainly not meant to step on anyone's toes. If you've already been thinking about this topic, post up in the comments!