DayKnight Festival Arriveth

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A DayKnight Festival Arriveth!


"Arriveth" is a word, right? DayKnight Writer's Group, back me up on this.

This is it DayKnights, tomorrow is the day for some fun and games.

We've got two primary streams running tomorrow. Stop by both, or better yet, fire up some Multitwitch action (links below). We hope you'll stop by and find some games to play.


The primary way to get involved with the games as they are streamed will be to sign on to the DayKnight RaidCall. To try to make it easier for those just joining, we're rushing to put up some information on the festival site.

For those of you that will miss this particular Festival, DayKnights are always coming up with new events! We hope to have something in the EU time zones (EU Planning), and there are numerous meetups in the near future, including at OmegaCon (EastCoast Meetup) and TwitchCon, so make sure you watch the forums! Plus, we'll be building off of this Festival. Want to help out with the next one? Make sure to let us know!