DayKnight Festival Winter 2015

Howdy DayKnights!


As seasons change around and the year comes to a close, it is time to celebrate in DayKnight fashion with fun and games! The Winter DayKnight festival, starting December 19th 2015, 3pm PST/6pm EST (and running probably at least three hours) promises to be an awesome one. We've got a great set of volunteers helping to get things in place, and we hope all of you will join in the fun.

If you haven't yet, go ahead and follow @dkfestival on twitter for up-to-date information. As we get closer to the event, we'll also be posting information at, including information you'll need to get into the games.


What is the DayKnight Festival?


The festival is a chance for the community to get together and play games. We're an international community that is heavily involved in all sorts of activities, both in games and in general. The festival is a chance to take a bit of a break, hang out with old friends, meet new ones, and have a blast. It's having friends over to play games, but on a global scale.


How does this work?


Take the example of someone new to the DayKnight community, either the forums or the streams. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to show up, find a game you'd like to play, and get connected to other people playing the game as well. We do this through a couple different mechanisms.


We have DayKnight streamers who volunteer time out of their normal schedules to run games for us. This is a great way to get introduced to the game, and work out any issues of getting connected. You'll be playing on-stream, which can be a blast!

In addition, while the streamers will be running games, finding others in that stream's chat is another great way streamers help us get you into games. If five or ten of you are in chat watching a Heroes match, and you all want to play, go ahead and fire up a game!

Are you a streamer but aren't able to make the event? We'd still love it if you mentioned the event on your stream!


The primary way everyone communicated during the Festivals used to be RaidCall. As you forum readers will know, we're moving away from RaidCall, and will most likely be using Discord as our primary communication system this time around. Our R&D department is currently making sure this will work for us (well, they are once we get an R&D department!). Make sure to join us in there, and you'll be able to find other people playing the game you're looking for.

Returning to the example, though. Say you're a new member of the community, and further, you don't play multiplayer games, don't normally chat in streams, and prefer not to connect on Discord. That's cool. We'd still be super stoked if you set aside a couple hours during the event, fire up the single player game you're rocking at the time, and have fun, knowing your fellow DayKnights around the globe are doing the same thing. If you do, it would be great if you'd hop into the stream chats, say hello and tell us what you're playing!


So, add the event to your calendar,

follow us for more information,

and look forward to having a blast!