Festival Registrations Are Open!

Greetings, DayKnights!

We've pushed a major update to the DayKnight Festival website at www.dayknightfestival.net!

This site is one of the primary ways you'll be able to see who is streaming during the event, and will provide the information you'll need to get into games. As it is now, you can check it out and learn more about the event.

Streamers and Future Volunteers

While you're at the site, don't forget to create a profile.

For Streamers, this is the first step to getting featured during the event. Based on our projected attendance and interest we've received from streamers, we will probably have the right number for this event, but the next opportunity will be here in no time, so go ahead and sign up now.

As for volunteers, we can't do these sorts of events without all of you. We'd love to hear from you, so go ahead and fill out that profile!


On behalf of all my awesome volunteers, thanks for checking it out! We can't wait to play some games with you (on December 19th, starting at 3pm PST)!

- Justin