Hope y'all don't mind me hopping over for a bit. At the risk of sounding like a Bro, I just wanted to volunteer some bullet items from personal experience wrt running. I've recently had to reduce my running due to cartillage damage so I'm all enthused about keeping our DK Runners healthy.

  • You've probably seen this sort of thing said in various places, but listen to what your legs are telling you, and don't increase your pace or distance too much in a short amount of time.
  • If you have access to it, and the resources available, I'd suggest making sure you've got the correct mechanical form for your body type. You can start with the machines running stores tend to install that measure foot strike. Maybe those work? But if you keep running and go for the half or full (tri?), then seeing a sports medicine/training specialist who can look at video and re-train your stride (if needed) could be worthwhile.
  • Don't necessarily listen to what male runners advise. Our bodies are different (obvs!), and in particular, the types of injuries we face as runners and the causes of them can be very different. Always good to chat with your fellow GymLadyKnights.
  • I say this not from experience or any position of authority on the topic, but just from what fellow female runners have said. Taking the effort to find the best sports boob prison (as DayKnights tend to call them), can make the biggest difference both in your running and your enthusiasm for it.


- Justin