Perhaps a couple questions there?

At the risk of being pedantic, I'd consider format and style separate, and I'd guess you're curious whether others feel like the style has changed.(?) I'd say definitely. Format (at least for Tuesday-Thursday)? Not really.

As Jesse points out, the SC2 shows required a lot more preparation, from Day9 scripting out a great deal of a show (at least outlining topics and such) to all the volunteers that reviewed replays and such. By necessity, the switch was made to shows that did not require as much preparation, and so while the format for the Tuesday-Thursday shows hasn't changed a great deal, I'd say there was a change in style going from scripted to unscripted.

Another aspect of the change in style is viewer buy-in. From the show tagline itself ("be a better gamer"), to the individual shows, during the SC content days, the program was more narratively tied with the community. The SC content was (in my own words) about creating a common thread between having fun in the SC community (Monday), being a beginner in the SC community (Tuesday), and being a pro and/or esport consumer in the SC community (rest of the week).

Ultimately, though, if what you're asking is whether other long-time viewers miss the old style of shows, for my own part, not particularly.