Relationship Cohlysions

I'd be the first to admit I'm probably not the best reference, but I'll throw out some wisdom/advice as one of the self-proclaimed Old Ones around here. All of it might not apply to everyone, but you'll find that with any posts people add.

1. Don't be afraid of rejection, embarrassment, etc. Those experiences will be valuable later in life. Keep that in mind, and appreciate the flaming disasters. They'll suck at the time, but there are no absolute failures, just chapters and paragraphs in your life story. Enjoy the wallowing in self-pity at the lowest points, acknowledge it for what it is.

2. Don't date co-workers unless you've been in a lot of relationships (such that you've got your stuff together and have already made all the stupid mistakes). Some times you can still work with and get along with the person if things don't go well, but just as often it can be a flaming disaster (see #1) that actually has lasting impacts.

Bonus add-on: don't mix IP (Intellectual Property) and/or consulting and startups with relationships if you're looking for a lasting relationship. It's best to leave the stress of work at the office when you're with someone. If however, your relationship is intrinsically tied to that stress, and that work, then everything, work or homelife becomes personal, including negotiations, after the meltdown, over IP. Might as well get a divorce lawyer for that one.

3. For those students at the collegiate level or beyond (or whatever the equivalent term is in your country), I'd advise something almost opposite to number 2. So many of my colleagues have lasting, apparently healthy relationships with people they met and often worked with in undergrad or more often graduate programs, and part of this is that money and careers aren't really a factor at that point.

4. For readers <=18 (ie. in primary school, middle/high school, etc.), doesn't matter whether it's embarrassing, get supplies at the store. Don't take chances with pregnancies and such. Bonus, go easy on the perfume/cologne. James Bond wouldn't have put that much on, would he?

5. Finally, remember, the point of a date is to get to know a person. Sounds simple enough, but it never really occurred to me until later on. Hook ups have their place, but it's easy to forget that the point of talking to a person is actually, you know, to talk to the person. Same goes for simple conversations. There are appropriate times to check the other person out, but not when they are telling you something.

Any advice from the youngin's here?