TwitchCon 2016 Information

Greetings DayKnights!

TwitchCon is fast approaching, with less than a week before some of you start traveling to San Diego, CA. Last year's conference was full of great sessions, new games and tech to play around with, and great opportunities to meet and learn from your fellow community members. This year promises to be even better with TwitchCon taking place as part of a week celebrating innovation in San Diego! If you won't be attending, check out some of the live content from the event on Twitch, and check your favorite streamers for content from the show.


Are You Attending TwitchCon?

There will be a lot going on, and we want to make sure that if you are at the conference, you're aware of any DayKnight community-wide events. In the past, we've had off-site gatherings and meet-and-greet events with the Day9 team.

The DayKnights span multiple communication systems, but we figure if we hit the following three, we should cover most of you.

1. Twitch Subscribers : No action necessary.

2. Discord Users : We'll be creating a TwitchCon channel on the DayKnight Discord server. This can be used for communication during the conference, and we'll post information there for any community-wide events. Information for the DayKnight Discord server can be found here.

3. Forum Users : Some DayKnights are neither Twitch subscribers nor Discord users, so if you tend to just use the forums, I've created an opt-in email list at:

TwitchCon 2016 DayKnight Mailing List

Note, email you receive if you opt-in to this list will be branded by CohLysion Media, on behalf of the DayKnights (I'm just using my own MailChimp account). This list and your contact information will be deleted following the conference, and will not be used for marketing purposes.


Finally, even if you would not like to receive information about community-wide events at the conference, if you see a DayKnight walking around (many of us will likely be wearing DayKnight or Day9 apparel), feel free to introduce yourself! We hope you have a blast!