Heroes Of The Storm

I was curious if there were any Knights who play Heroes of the Storm regularly. I was accepted in the Alpha a couple weeks ago and I've been having a lot of fun. But since I currently don't know anyone who plays, I can only solo queue. 

I really would like to play this game competitively - Not getting mad when I lose, but constantly trying to improve my own performance/ability. My experience in the Solo Queue's have been mixed...sometimes my team gets rolled, sometimes we roll. Sometimes I feel my performance is bad, but we win. There are other times that I feel like I played very well, but we still end up getting destroyed.

I really just want to make sure I am not practicing bad habits and hopefully make some friends along the way

The characters I enjoy the most (so far) is Rehgar. I also play Raynor and Diablo. I plan on starting Zeratul today.