Chinese N'Zoth Paladin

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Found this list, a Chinese streamer hit top 10 at some point on all 3 servers in the past few months with N'zoth Paladin. This is the last iteration I have seen posted of his list. It got me to top 400 legend on the last day from roughly 2000. Very fun deck to play. 


His stream    Really hard to check his lists because this site doesn't have vods saved. But this list is quite good, and without tuskarr rolls on 3, it feels a lot more consistent.


Some cards seem strange:

Spellbreaker: Super good against a card like sylvannas, thunderbluff, tirion, etc. Basically acts as another psuedoremoval if a card has an effect that can lose you the game and you don't want to throw out a board clear yet.

Blessing of Kings: Great for creating a board out of a leftover 1/1 or 2/2, creates another threat against control decks. Great as a one of to throw a wrench into the midgame

Hammer of Wrath: Decent removal with pyro or uldaman. Reach vs a slower deck. Nice to cylce when killing decent threats off behind a taunt or something like that. Surpisingly good. When I first saw the list I doubted, but after 40 games I can't get rid of them.

Twilight Summoner: Great with kings, opponents don't want to kill it so you have a thing to buff. Adding a 4th deathrattle is a lot more consistent. Cairne is too slow in a meta with so many shamans.