4 stalker pressure into SKYTOSS

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Hi all!My name is Dave, I am a diamond ranked zerg in WOL however thanks to the funday monday i have gotten myself a beta key and switched to play protoss for the moment.  I am currently in gold for HOTS.  This is a rough guide for my skytoss build vs. zerg and terran(working progress), if you are reading please try it, it is alot of fun:D
SKYTOSS!The general idea of this build is to pressure early with 4 stalkers (with one gateway) allowing you to gain an early expand.  Once you have expanded you begin producing air units, with the ultimate goal as carrier/tempest.

Timings that i use for this build are as follows
9 pylon
12 gate
16 gas
16 pylon
17 Cyber core
Use only your first 2 chrono boosts on probes, after this save the chrono boosts for stalkers.  Once the cyber core is built chrono boost out 4 stalkers (do not need to research warp gate).
After building the 2nd stalker you will be able to afford an expand.  As you expand drop  2nd gas.
When can afford it drop stargate (1).  Second stargate goes done when the first is halfway done.
gas 3 and 4 when expand about 2/3 done.From this point my "build" gets even rougher because i wing it.  Depending on the MU i will pressure with air units (discussed below), while taking a 3rd and dropping a fleet beacon.  from this point i get 2 more gateways and continue to expand.
vs. Terran

Build 2-4 oracles to harass.  A good potential use for the oracle later in the game is to use revelation (something i am terrible at) as the vision of the opponents army helps to negate immobility of the carriers and tempests.  I build a few void rays initially so to not die, and after the fleet beacon i begin to build carriers when feeling safe.  The final piece is to add tempests when reaching close to maxed.  Only a few tempests are required, the carriers are high DPS...the role of tempests is to sit back and force the opposing army to approach the death ball of carriers.

vs. ZergI avoid oracles and go straight for void rays/phoenix(muta=phoenix) as i find zerg tends to put more pressure on me and i like to not die.  Both of the units are useful for pressuring zerg so i think that the extra gas for an oracle is not worth it against zerg.  The later transition is the same as above

As to when i get my upgrades my answer is as soon as i can afford it.  I believe it is important to heavily favor air attack upgrades as these (correct me if im wrong) are exponentially awesome for carriers as each interceptor gains the attack bonus as opposed to on armor upgrade for the actual carrier.

In my replays i do get shield upgrades sometimes before armor.  I do know that this is theoretically terrible however my reason for doing this is:  Sometimes i require a forge for cannons to hold my early third and i figure if i have a forge i might as well use it. (this is something i further need to test).

Also get that graviton catapult thing (carrier upgrade) ASAP


Below are some replays of me working on this style.  They are riddled (bad macro lategame + inactive with oracles) with mistakes but i hope they give a general gist of how to play this out.


Comments and constructive criticism below is welcome.  I plan to keep working on this and make it awesome.  Ill add details such as don't lose the stalkers early (pull back) as they are important for defending drops lategame as i think of them:D
Happy Monday!!!