[G] ZvP Muta/ling - Answer to immortal sentry?

Hi Guys!

I am a highish diamond player and I have been been playing with a build in ZvP which I have been having some good success with. I do think this has potential to be a good answer to immortal sentry, however I am not that good, it will need to be tested by some higher level players.

This is my first post ever and is intended to be a rough guide. I plan on refining this build and reposting, if people have ideas and can see improvements comments would be much appreciated.

A basic outline

Muta ling! I began doing this after watching day9's most recent daily on why TLO is awesome:D

The General Idea

*3 base early (with a 15 hatch, if hatch denied, 14 pool)

*Get ALLOTA drones: as spines are important to defend midgame pushes

*Once you have established 3 bases mass up some mutas and lings and aim to contain the protoss to 2 or 3 bases while you expand everywhere

*Obtain melee and air attack upgrades

*Lategame transition into either more mutas and basetrade or infestor broodlord(as you will have many spines already).

*Building Lings to defend is NOT bad, as long as you use them later to scout amd pressure with mutalisks.


*5 mins: 1st gas

*Ling speed with first 100 gas

*Lair with next 100 gas

*3rd with Lair, 4th when Lair halfway done

*+1 with next 100 gas

6:30-7 mins: Overlord/s scout

*7 mins: 2nd gas and Evo chamber

*7:30-8 mins: macro hatch

*Past here I continue to get attack upgrades then harrass with muta ling

Responses to Protoss Plays and how to defend

Immortal Sentry Push:

In this situation the main aim is NOT to basetrade yet but to survive. I have found that after holding this push, the protoss does not have good tech to defend muta harrass.

This push will come just as or very slightly before your first mutas pop.

To defend:

*Many spines (at least 7-10) and many lings are needed. A surround is important so protoss cannot retreat away from the spines

*SNIPE THE WARP PRISM with mutas (important)

*Then focus Mutas and spines onto the stalkers so that you lose less mutas, then chase down the remaining sentries and immortals

*After holding this immediatly take mutalisks to the workers lines of the protoss:D

Midgame gateway pushes

There are two responses, which occur due to how well you scout and how good your creep spread is.

  1. If the push or pylon has been scouted and your bases are ajoined  with creep (spines more mobile) you can save your third with spines and lings. To do this you do need to pull some drones off gas as more minerals are needed, throw down several spines and your natural and 3rd.  Once the protoss pushes reposition unused spines appropriately.  If the battle continues past the period where you get some mutalisks, harass his base to pick of some probes if you are in a safe enough position to do so.

  2. Ditch the third: this works if you save all of you workers and have 4 gas geysers going. Spine at the natural choke with 7-10 spines to prevent yourself straight up dying, wait for your muta tech. Just build mutas and harrass while doing your best to keep the protoss on 2 bases. As soon as you begin harrassing expand as much as you can to catch up, and hopefully get into the lead.

Passive Play with 3rd expansion

This is the scenario I currently have the most trouble with at the moment so I do not yet have the best answer. However it is important to have an overlord positioned over the 3rd before 8:30-9 mins with your group of lings positioned ready to delay the 3rd nexus. From this point I currently get a pack of 10-15 mutas and bounce between each nexus while taking a 4th and 5th base and transitioning into infestor spine broodlord.


Overlords need to be positioned at: the 3rd protoss expansion, near the protoss main to scout in at 6:30 and across attack paths

Lings need to be active to scout for a probe and pick off forward pylons

The second overlord should be placed early in front of the natural, on spotting the scouting probe it should move back over your own natural to spot for cannon rushes (as I try to15 hatch).

Current Areas for personal Improvement and other thoughts

*Better creep spread: when I spread the creep better I do play better and am more successful defending due to vision and being able to reposition my spines faster. I think that improved creep spread will mean that nearly all pushes can be held.

*Being more active with lings: to pick off probes placing forward pylons

*Stargate openings and into double stargate- shit could get real here and im not really sure what would happen if the protoss made a lot of phoniexes, hmmm...


Here are a few replays of this play. I did spontaneously do this post and have pulled these from unsaved ladder games, ill start saving some good ones to add to this post.





Thanks for reading guys, input and suggestions would be much appreciated!