Would you guys be interested in having a chat in each youtube video?

Hi there DayKnights! Long time lurker and archive EU viewer here!  o/

A friend and I are finishing up a chrome extension which embeds a chatroom to every website on the internet, so you can talk with anyone viewing the same site as you. And we were thinking of cool use cases that people might be interested in, like which websites/communities it'd makes most sense on.

So, I'd like to have a sense if you would like to have a chat integrated in a youtube video page so you can chat and discuss with other people in the context of that video.

Of course, it is a different experience than twitch chat, it is not a "reaction chat" since not everyone is watching the same, it's simply a place to talk with other viewers while having the implicit context of the website/video you are talking in.

I'm not going to post a link to it because the purpose of this is not to "spam" the forum, but I'd appreciate your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, cheers!