Looking for DayKnights indie game devs, I want to make music for you !

HEYA Dayknights! 

My name is David, some of you might know me as MOARNial ! 

I'm an electronic music producer looking for new projects, and since the Dayknights are just the best human beings ever, I want to offer my productions services to you !

More specifictly, I always wanted to create music for video games, my dream project would be to create the soundtrack of a linear platformer or hack and slash type of game with a strong artistic direction, but I'm open to anything really :)

So I'm reaching out to you ! If you are a game developper currently working on a cool project in need of some awesome music, feel free to contact me at moarnial [at] gmail [dot] com , or anywhere really (Facebook / Twitter), let's get in touch !

My most recent music production stuff is located here : https://www.youtube.com/MOARNial. I mostly do dancefloor-oriented songs, but I would like to put the highlight on "Dungeonstep" more specificly in this context. Another one of my songs on my Youtube channel called "Heroes Never Die" was featured in the Battle.Net Overwatch Launcher for a week too !
I also already made a pretty chill song for a Xbox Arcade video game many moons (4 years) ago : https://soundcloud.com/moarnial/frame-of-minds

Cheers ! And let's do some mind-blowing artistic stuff together <3

David / MOARNial