What kind of Contributions I'm I looking for ?

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Some people mentionned they wanted to help but just don't know what I'm looking for, so I decided to post a message about it !

If you are a creative person you can :

  • Record yourself playing an instrument or vocals or creating a peice of audio, and then send it to me and I'll include it in the song.
  • Write lyrics, suggest a title for the song.
  • Give suggestion about how to improve the song, what kind of direction you would like the song to take (linking example from other songs is good!)


If you don't want to engage in the creative process but still want to participate you can :

  • Give feedback about parts of the song you like, parts you dislike, and try to explain why as best as you can !


Link to the most recent version of the collab : https://soundcloud.com/moarnial/dayknights-collab-skeleton/s-dB5oZ

Song is 90 bpm, in A minor.

Cheers <3

David / MOARNial