Awesome C'Mill deck

  (Edited: )

It's a C'thun Milling deck. What I found so cool is that you basically have two alternate win conditions (which you choose depending on matchup or emotional whim). You can either shadowstep/bloodthistle-toxin the coldlight oracle or you can shadowstep/bloodthistle-toxin C'thun itself. Almost no deck can deal with a 16+ power C'thun 3 turns in a row. The two win conditions help each other out. The coldlight oracles help you dig for C'thun, while C'thun will clear the board efficiently to help your milling. You can also Gang-Up C'thun for extra hilarity. It's definitely a deck that's a lot of fun.

This is the deck formulation I used. It used to be a lot more controly, but I had to round it out with more early c'thun cards to make sense of it lest I lose to every aggro deck in the world.You're basically always clearing the board, the face is never the place.

This deck doesn't use blade flurry, deadly poison, shiv, or backstab. I could never get them to work properly with this style (could replace some of the c'thun cards with them). Twilight Geomancer and Emperor Thaurissan are also possibilities that I wasn't sure about.

2 Shadowstep

1 Gang Up

2 Sap

2 Beckoner of Evil

2 Fan of Knives

2 Shadow Strike

1 Brann Bronzebeard

2 Coldlight Oracle

2 Disciple of C'thun

2 Twilight Elder

2 Infested Tauren

1 Xaril, Poisoned Mind

2 Assassinate

2 Crazed Worshipper

1 Cult Apothecary

1 Dark Iron Skulker

2 Vanish

1 C'Thun