Marketing DVDs and Providing DVD content to venues

First, I wanted to suggest this to the forum as a potential buyer of said DVD's.

Second, I was wondering what the community at large thought of this? It occurred to me that its something that Rooster Teeth did with Red Vs. Blue whom didn't anticipate any real demand for their show, yet sold over 700,000 units

The following is a related e-mail;

"Dear Day9,

You should market DVDs of your show.

I say this because I have all my favorite episodes bookmarked, but if I wanted to watch them offline it would be a hassle.

1. People could watch your show offline

2. You could expose more venues to your show for the dime a dozen cost of burning DVDs.

3. They make good gifts, and could be released either in a season format or in a "Greatest Hits" "Funday Monday" "Newbie Tuesday" compilation.