Object Interactivity

As a kid, when I played this game and the Monkey Island series, I would often hit a wall that you guys have hit a few times during this play through: Needing objects (or screens - the lighthouse!) to get through a puzzle that we didn't realize were available to us. So I developed the habit of slow panning EVERY screen, making sure I knew every other screen I could navigate to, and everything I could interact with. The more stuck I got, the more I spam clicked everywhere (and in the Monkey Island series, spam clicked combining items in the inventory), my APM went through the roof... and that's probably one of the greatest weaknesses of the genre, the fight with the UI. We shouldn't have to spin our wheels wandering around in circles because we didn't realize the ash tray was interactable. But I think this game does a fairly good job of hinting, or of keeping the areas of interaction small enough or clear enough, that getting stuck doesn't mean getting stuck for too long... (I feel like you guys have made much more consistent progress with Grim Fandango than y'all did with King's Quest)... although it is fascinating how many of the puzzles are, as you described, obvious in retrospect. It can make for some crazy shenanigans, but fewer eureka! moments.

The story continues to be amazing though, and I look forward to watching the rest of you guys's playthrough :)