Reno Ramp!

Hey Sean, I made a deck that I thought you might really enjoy playing, given your enthusiasm for ramp druids:

Basically the idea was "Hey, Jade Blossom is another Wild Growth effect, which means decks based off Wild Growth will be stronger now." So this is not an Astral Communion deck, this deck is designed to ramp via Wild Growth, hence the mana curve is less heavy than an Astral Communion deck's would be.

I also designed this deck to be resilient against all the aggro pirate warriors that have been eating up the ladder. Four different heals (Healing Touch, Feral Rage, Moonglade Portal, and of course Reno Jackson) + many taunts + Frost Elemental (how often do you get to see THAT card played!) help to stop pirate warriors in their tracks.

Mulligan is straightforward: Throw away EVERYTHING that isn't a Wild Growth or Jade Blossom, since these are the two cards you need to draw for Reno Jackson to be activateable.

And that's it! I'm sub rank 10 so maybe the deck sucks and I just don't know it yet, but maybe it'll be fun for you regardless :D