my 2 cents!!

you dont know enough , you seem like a very nice smart guy and that makes it too bad in my oppinion.

sc2 was designed created to never reach the depth of broodwar, they made an accesible game for everyone wich is fun and made them alot of money but for the hardcore gamer sc2 will never be as good as broodwar, the feeling is different , i dont want to be able to make perfect unit combination and perfect production with 120 apm... i just dont want to have 30 units on the same workers are mining directly...

i want to be able to be ahead from the second 2of the game because i can split my workers better than you

i want my second worker to come online faster than yours with 1 second, i want to micro my dragoons and in the same time to make units from 3 gateways and put my worker to mine knowing that you cant do that...because im faster and i have better multitasking ability...

i dont want to have 20 units to finish a game , i want to be able to snipe 6 probes with 1 my first zealot and finish the game there because my opponent cannot multitask with his 100 apm

again you sound like a smart guy but you dont have the experience to compare things , im bwyou have no limitations, you can be faster and better than your opponent in every fucking aspect of the game, the ways that the difference is made are infinite

when you compare bw to sc2 its not about nostalgia or romantization of anything its a fuckin cannot compare since you were casual or not even that in bw please dont fool yourslef as i said you seem like a smart person but its easy to look like a fool when youre talking about something you dont understand.

english isnt my first language and its really late here i hope you get my point .