[P] Need help improving, in my macro game.

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Looking to improve my play. 2-3 days ago I got promoted to plat. Generally I've found out I'm having easier time being on the aggressive end, and try to finish the game within the first 10-12minutes. I had some games where it took more than 20minutes to finish them(mostly due to sloppy game and not knowing when to execute finishing moves). But the higher I get the more i realize my late game sucks. This is my profile http://ggtracker.com/players/41328/Wajeed .
What I want is basicly what steps to focus on as to bettering my play? 
P.s. TBH I've had a blast with the game I haven't played so much since 2010 probably. Also I'm sorry for the ramblings, english is not my first language and is kinda late over here :).