After calming down

I think that my crappy reaction to the 4 gate was mainly due to the fact that I don't have a clue how to play Zerg on a purely reaction based game which is what I'm trying to improve on at the moment. I think a serious problem is that the builds and tutorials I've been using are seriously outdated, pre HoTS outdated. I used to just rush for Roaches and attack before 10 minutes and win but I stopped playing for 7 weeks while I was on holiday and lost what little progress I was making. I even got demoted from Silver :D. I've never known about hotkeying queens I've always done the location hotkeys but I know I'm never perfect with my injects. I always used to use the select all units hotkey but that screwed me over in a couple of games so I'm trying to force myself to set the hotkey. Thanks for your offer of coaching I would definitely be interested in taking that up. Which server are you on?