Hearthstone Tutorials

Hello DayKnights! :D

So I've had Hearthstone for a while now and I'm pretty not bad at it but my friend recently got a key and he was really struggling with learning how the game plays and works because if we're being honest the tutorial you get in game isn't fantastic. In realisation that other people may too struggle learning the basics and strategy of this I personally have made a YouTube playlist that I intend to update about twice a week with videos called 'How To: Hearthstone'. My first video on all the different classes in the game goes in depth to the different play styles that can be utilised by each class. My friend found it helpful so now I'd like to extend that onto my favourite community in the world the DayKnights :D

I hope that my video can help some people that are struggling getting to grips with the concept of the classes. The next video will be uploaded shortly and will most likely go into depth on the card text and what it means in detail.

Happy Gaming

PureFazz :)