To All DayKnights

Today 17 years ago I was spawned onto this Earth and only in the last 10 months or so have I been watching Day[9] but this isn't a love letter to Sean (I love you Sean, bear my children?), this is a love letter to you wonderful human beings AKA DayKnights. This is genuinely the only place on the internet I can go where people don't want to murder each other. Every thread on this site is genius and worth reading. Over the past 10 months or so thanks to this awesome community I've: Entered a low league tournament, got to the finals (final is next Sunday :D), got an awesome StarCraft coach helping me improve, made actual real friends who are awesome human beings and yeah you guys have really shown me that nice people on the internet are a thing and do actually exist. I recently did a presentation at my College of 3 things that are important to me and this community and of course Sean was one of them. This is a hugely positive influence on my life and thanks to Sean and other awesome humans I feel as though now al I want to achieve when I leave the house is to make someones day that little bit better than it was before. I also aim to compliment whoever serves me coffee at my local coffee place :D

The most significant things I've picked up from these 10 months here is that

- Math is beautiful and I'm not ashamed to say I love it
- Making someone laugh is the best thing you can do for them
- Everything can be framed positively
- Remind myself that I'm a beautiful human being

I think that's gonna be it for now before I shed some man tears :)

Thanks for making my last 10 months epic, go forth and be awesome!Joe Fazzino <3 <3