Visual Studio FTW

I'm by no means a Microsoft fanboy but when I was learning coding (mobile apps) I started trying out with Xcode seeing as I bought myself a MacBook Pro recently. The UI editor was fantastic but I found the language archaic and the coding side of things non sensical. I tried out Java in the popular Eclipse IDE and the language was great but the editor made me cry it is so messy and makes it so difficult to tweak the smallest UI object. Finally I went to Visual Studio to try out C# with the Windows Phone SDK. The editor was great and the new one (2012) is even better. I think I started aiming too high however as I was not only learning a language but I was also learning an editor and I was learning the SDK which is quite vast. Anyway I digress. Do what you think is badass. 

P.S I know you said 'not javascript' but if you haven't got a clue how programming logic works etcetera you should start with that I recommend