Your Manfreds and their stories

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I had quite some stuffed animals when I was a kid, but my mum convinced me to give them away to charity when I was at an age where you want to be all adult...I really miss my gunea pig, whale, dog, penguin, squirrel... and the cat I got when I fell from a tree and they actually called an ambulance for me. I was totally fine, just fell on my back and wasn't able to breath for a second, which is why my eyes teared up and the adults around just got overly alarmed.

So watching Day[J] play Amnesia I got inspired to buy a stuffed animal, a wolf to be exact as you can see in the picture below. I don't have a name for him yet, because everytime I ask him if he likes it his face just says "meh, you sure?". My sceptic wolf is sceptic.My ideas till now are: Desmond, Sirius, Altaïr, Morrok, Faolan, Fox Mulder, Jay, Maxwell and other physicists names...

So if you have an idea for a name I'd love to hear about it.

But what I really want are pics & stories about your stuffed animals as an homage to Manfred the great and cuddly guardian of Day[9]!