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Whoops, i did not even see it was this old, i landed directly in it via google (was looking something uop about terran mechplay.

Cool if this can help you, and yes, LoTV will change a huge bit. One thing I am still unhappy about is terran. You see both Toss and Zergh have specific late game units that are really heavy and strong, in toss it is the carrier, the temopest  and less also the mothership. Zergh can even use their midgame units Mutas and turn them over into something much stronger : the brood lord, then there are the ultralisks, the corruptor etc.etcBut Terran ? Neither the Thor nor the Battlecruiser really work in greater numbers (the battlecruiser even worse then the Thor. They have kickass midagme units, probably the best in the game, but then stbhings reallyfall flat, where the other 2 races get yet another level on top. I REALLY hope that this would change for terran with the last expansion. I mean I do have great hopes that the liberator will be really awesome, but it is still more a midgame unit not a really kickass endgame unit like the broodlord or the tempest