Is there someone willing to adopt a terran noob?

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Hello, my name is Filipe, I am 18-year-old and I suck at StarCraft 2.

I have the game since the launch of WoL and I played a decent amount back then, I even manage myself to get to gold (yeah, big deal...), but I stopped playing for a while until HOTS

I liked HOTS at first, those new cool units and all that, but until now I couldn't play it much due to work and college, but fortunately I'm on vacation now, but I just bad at it.

Is there someone willing to adopt a bronze terran player? Please send an e-mail to if you are insterested on helping me out.

I plan on start playing today on what it would be afternoon for me, in around 2 hours from now.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm from Brazil