Diamond Protoss Cannot deal with mass roach or hydra

Okay guys this has been driving me nuts, I really need help and am not having any luck on other forums.

I have played more than 20 games against my practice partner trying to beat mass roach or mass hydra at 11 minutes. I like to play phoenix into colossus however am so desperate have even tried Naniwas 3 Stargate Voidray, but no matter what I do he is unkillable.

We are both in diamond and have similar macro, so although neither of us has perfect macro, it should not be causing so many losses.

I have uploaded 3 games, all of which I lost trying various stargate builds against this. I always open stargate because of the muta threat, anything at all would be helpful, here are the replays guys.


First game on frost, I go for naniwas 3 stargate opening. I thought I micro'd really well but in the end there was just too much to deal with


In this game I opted for the dt into stargate build, but supply blocks due to enemy action crippled me


In this final game, I played against a gold league friend who was offracing, my main practice partner was walking him through the build. Even though the build was not executed correctly, he was still able to break me despite walling off one of the entrances on frost

It is worth mentioning I have tried forge versions of all of these builds but the result is the same.

What on earth do I do against this opening stargate, I am at a loss

Thanks for any help