A New Race To Play?

So I've been playing online for about a week, VS Hard AVI for about a month, and online I'm mainly a Protoss player (rank 8 gold 4v4, as people over at blizzard.com recommended 4v4 for beginners) and my problem is this: I enjoy playing Zerg in VS AVI, as I find its ridiculously easy to win compared to Protoss, but when I think about going online nerves set in and at the last minute I change back to Protoss simply because I'm more familiar with it. I'd like to get into atleast mid-rank Platinum before going into 3v3, then mid plat then down to 2v2, etc, so I was woundering if there was any way to maybe get more familiar in the online aspects and strategies without having to download hours of video (I'm limited to 8gb of downloads a month, ergo I can only watch Day[9] two or three times a month) which hopefully won't set me back to mid rank Silver League. Any help is greatly apreciated.