Hey Sean do ever you miss BroodWar?

  (Edited: )

Y'know on a whim I just started to play bw again and I know it can't just be me or nostalgia or whatever this game is just soo much fun to play.  Just soo much going on and the skill ceiling isn't even visible to a newbie.  It just to me feels like such a more engaging experience compared to what sc2 is today. 

My question to you Sean is if you miss it?  I'd like to think you do -- I mean do you really think that if you played broodwar once in a while you'd really lose a portion of your audience?  Or is it because you think it would detract from your SC2 too much?  People still play it and I think at the very least you could inspire more to try it.  It's just a download away on battle.net after all ;)  I just hate to see it fall into no longer being relevant with anyone when it's such a great game that rewards practice more then arguably any other game ever made given it's unbelievably high skill ceiling.

I guess I just hate to see something great abandoned y'know?