3 gate halluc FE in PvT

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Kinda something I did randomly 1 game in gold league(yea not a great indicator), and I was wondering if it has possible merit. 

3 gate opening

Zealot, sentry, sentry, sentry til WG finished then start hallucination


Now I found this to be really weird, but kinda fun. I had planned in the begining to do 3 gate pressure in case of the 1-1-1 but I saw quite a few marines so I ended up just grabbing my natural and getting hallucination. I ended up with 2-3 sentries nd a handful of zealots. Now this is where I am feeling kinda iffy, I used it so I could grab a third before I teched at all. I was able to hold a push by scaring him quite well with what looked like a scary force but I am not sure if it is even reasonable to do with how much I cut. Should I stick with making 5-7 gates or tech up a bit so I am not just going gateway against the MMM soon after my 3rd gets moving.