FeverClan is recruiting!

FeverClan.com Is A HUGE Clan / Community with 1000+ Clan Members And Growing!

FeverClan Is All About FUN! Were Here To help Make your games more enjoyable!

We Do A LOT of other games Besides Just starcraft.

With about 150+ active Sc2 Members.

We have no strict rules that a mandatory to follow,

Just A few for you to note....

#1 Always Be respectful And supportive of other players, The opposite of this behavior Is frowned upon and not taken lightly. 
Also NO HACKING ON ANY GAME WHAT SO EVER WHILE IN FEVER CLAN IF COUGHT YOU WILL, I repeat WILL be removed Without hesitation or remorse

#2 MUST Be 16 Years or older to join. This helps ensure a better gaming environment. And that your mature enough to follow these simple rules.

#3 NO teamkilling in ANY game (basically just don't be an !@# hat)

#4 Please Logon to the forums and make a post / comment or other form of activity ONCE every TWO weeks To stay active and not risk being removed.

now, A lot of clans you might see will have strict and crazy rules / practice times to follow or be removed.
As we are an "actual" Clan and not just a specific "Team" We do not have or enforce and strict practice times. WHAT SO EVER.

We have game nights (Everyone does arcade) Every wednesday through sunday For various games. WENS FRI and SAT are for Sc2 But those days also have other games on as well.

Generally we are here for you to relax. Have fun. And shoot the breeze. Just be well rounded, and respectable. And nothing could go wrong! 

We have Weekly / monthly Tournaments now and then sponserd by FEVER and or Its members now and then For you to compete in and or to "win prizes" and ribbons.

We Have Specific Teams in starcraft for certain ranks Which you can join if you wish to play more hard ball and become seriously competitive.

EVERYTHING we do Is streamed. VIA feverclans twitch account and our active streamers. as far as tournaments and clan wars.

Anyone Is Allowed To start / manage their own Teams And tournaments anyway they like.

Feverclan forums also have Entertainment sections. Coaching sections And more forum games, AND AN ARCADE!, Also A newly implemented FeverCoins system which you earn by being active and working for the clan which you can use to unlock rewards.

Hey, FeverClan Even gives you FeverCoins! (forum economy) Which.. Upon earning. By helping fever, Posting on the forums, winning tournaments and such.. You can Use these coins in our coin shop!, And earn things like.. Signature work.. Nickname changes.. Badges.. And more!
But the biggest thing to point out is that you can

1) an Active member within the clan you can earn beta keys and other stuff with your Fever coins
2) you can Earn beta Keys for games that are not even out yet with your coins even!
Even bid in auctions for Steam games! and more!.

Sounds like a fun and friendly community right? It is!!


Please use "Jam" as a referral and we look forward to seeing you join our ranks!