I play protoss, and I cry a lot. just need some general helps.

Im a bronzie, I still say to myself probes and pylons. I am terrible, and yes It upsets me very very much (IMO there is no worst feeling then wanting to be good at something and just not being able to get there. I understand it takes time and practice but the growing pains are just terrible. It leaves the realm of fun and brings me into just pure frustration and mental agony), However, At one point i was high silver almost gold, and was doing ok, but this game made me so mad and frustrated I just went to play LoL cause it was so much easier.

regardless, I am back, and I am remembering why I was so frustrated and couldn't sleep.

PvT; How do you deal with drops? at 10-12mins, I got dropped in my main with a push in the front. Looking back at the replay, I am wondering if having pylon coverage everywhere so I can just warp in a strip of stalkers is the best way to deal with it. As I am playing more of the, Gateways > warping in units most of the time, So I can just warp in like 15 stalks/sentrys/HT etc when needed. However I am just wondering if there is a better way.

PvZ; Mass mutas. granted I have not tried the immortal sentry push yet. I do remember this making my chest hurt with anxiety, When I see a murder of mutas heading my way and Knowing full well that in a straight up fight vs my stalkers, some how they come out on top every time. my only thoughts are to try and have some HT ready to storm, but that's a lot of tech is it not?

PvP: I just get cheesed a lot... having a sentry, zealot, stalker at the top of the ramp asap is kind of my goal, then just tech and win.