idea! about day[9] website

so I just finally got around to watching day9's latest GDC talk ( - great stuff, you should see it if you haven't!), and was thinking about the website, and specifically dayknight-created content.

wouldn't it be cool if there was a section somewhere, maybe on the home page or something, that was essentially 'check out all this stuff that's going on in the dayknight community' - I'm thinking things like tournaments, streams, other youtube channels etc.

for example, if there's a dayknight showmatches game going on, it would be cool to see that at, rather than checking the twich channel where it's actually streamed. (i.e., a notice in real time, akin to the 'day9 is live' thing)

I'm not sure I'm making a lot of sense, but hopefully some of that is intelligible :P