Fictorum - Become a Powerful Mage

Hey Day Knights,

Longtime Day9 fan, I even used to cast Starcraft 2 (under the name: VincereStarcraft).  Anyway, I am now an indie game dev and we have launcher our Kickstarter for Fictorum.

Fictorum is an action RPG featuring customizable, dynamic spell-casting. You are a powerful wizard of a forbidden magical order, the Fictorum, with the unique ability to shape and master all schools of magic. Stretching the limits of your power, you have survived your own execution at the hands of the Inquisition, a sprawling theocratic empire bent on eradicating all Fictorum. As the last of your kind, you will shatter the Inquisition as vengeance for your exterminated order, as well as anyone else who dares to stand in your path.


And here's some relevant links to our game: