A POEM about the end of starcraft! *please look day9*!

Tis the end of starcraft,
Or so its fine to say,
has the entire community gone daft?
listen'n let me lead the way

Don't be so hasty!
To judge sc2's imminent end,
because juuu'st maybe
Starcraft's not on the descend

Stream views aren't declining
So what the f*cks wrong?
Just because LoL is, upwards climbing
Star-two doesn't belong?

I don't see what the problem is,
Starcraft is doing just fine,
I think it's time to stop the shiz,
And give blizzard time.

Time, time, it's coming out soon!™ 
True it's the only thing we hear
I promise you by the end of next june,
then the changes will be near™ 

It's no secret, that blizzard doesn't care + Look at end of poem +
Because sc2 is the best game
In e-sports I declare!

I seek no fame just the truth
Why blizzard.
Don't you change your UI spoof

The koreans will never leave the game
for some lame new fad,
From BW the best just came. 
People with passion won't leave for the nab...

Seems that people don't realize 
That when e-sports grows in size (LoL, dota2, CS.)
The popularity to starcraft also applies...
And the "opponents" are really just allies,

*(doesn't change anything and keeps people waiting for whatever reason(I'm sure they do care))*