new game in need of playtesters

Browser based PHP/MySQL/Javascript implementation of a hexmap space warfare boardgame that expanded itself into needing a computer assist. But it plays as a boardgame, the board display is not a moving video, and is turn and phase based using the written orders followed by simultaneous actions model.

It is 3d in the fact that it is 19 layers deep. The displays are 2d - the board with transparent overlays for tokens located on each level. The display itself is a fleet level colored pushpin sort of thing, the details paperwork section is done by the computer and listed and sorted for you.

And the computer handles encounters and die rolls and what enemies are in sensor range, etc.

It is a 2-6 player game - the more players the more shifting alliances come into play.

Involves both territory (owning a planet) and economics (terraforming/points/repair/maintain/build) and movement and positioning of pieces with limited information about opponents and a combat system that is a nod to miniature battle rules.

Since it is a server based browser game I have been testing it as localhost or with my computer acting as a LAN server and now have several instances of it on a free hosting server ( ).

The index page is cover and rules and 3 links:

Sysop - installation guide

Mod - create and delete wars and delete a player from a war. Existing wars should be limited to 30 total players among all the wars for a given instance of the script folders.

Player - join a war (grab a color) or login to a war already joined - goes to game lobby "parking space"

Game lobby - can enter a name for use in the game here - Purple Peril instead of magenta for instance. Can create an already logged in bookmark or shortcut to this page this game this player also.

Game lobby has copy of rules and a play (links to the map page which is the game itself) button, an exit button (links to index page), and a resign from game button.

The Map page - this is the game itself and all game actions loop back to this page.

Obviously players will need to use some form of chat while playing.


So, please take a look at the rules on the index page and if you are interested in playtesting email me at my gmail account

I can act as Mod and create a war for you OR I can give you your own instance of the folders (like and you can act as Mod OR with an agreement not to distribute copy steal etc  can give you the files themselves to be used for public playtest/demo/performance purposes only as a prototype.