Group incursion into Darkfall: Unholy Wars[NA]. Looking for More

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Myself and a couple friends plan on making new characters in the PvP FPS MMORPG Darkfall Unholy Wars when their next big patch comes out (ETA "soon", as always). My best guess is within two weeks.

I'm posting in a few locations in advanced to give the opportunity for anyone else looking to try out Darkfall to tag along. The game is difficult and unrewarding alone, but with a group of people to play with you can leverage yourself into the community and have a blast.

If you've ever wanted to try out Darkfall UW and have hesitated, if you are returning and want to start fresh, or if it just looks cool and you want to tag along, now is your chance. It's not a perfect game, it is what it is, which is the only gaming experience of it's kind - take it or leave it. There is a lot to say about the game good and bad, but I will keep it brief.

Key info:

About DFUW:

-Medieval fantasy setting. Archery, magic, swords, cannons etc.

-Purchase + Subscription. 16$~ purchase comes with a free month. Can purchase subscription with in-game currency.

-NOT pay2win. Only element involving real money is cosmetics and a system like EVE's PLEX.

The Good

-The only functional Full-Loot, Open PvP, Political, FPS-RPG MMO in existance. Skill based, free aim, friendly fire, character collision, massive skill ceiling. A unique and special experience regardless of it's flaws. The most "hardcore" MMO outside of EVE Online, but much faster pace and activity for limited time commitment.

-Boat combat, mounted combat, city conquering, raid dungeons, no instances (anyone can walk into your dungeon, everything is open world PvP), massive world with very limited instant-travel. One NA server

-Long history of business, the original Darkfall came out in 2009, this is the sequel.

-100% player crafted economy. Durability system. Gear is NOT permanent, crafters are vital and you will lose gear often. (and it will sometimes make you sad)

-Custom classes. Choose attribute/weapon proficiency, mix and match any skills in the game for your 9~ skill set up + common skills and one ultimate of your choice.

-Choice of how you level. Experience is allocated to ANY of the stats, skills or weapon proficiencies you desire in ANY order.

-Skill matters far more than levels. I've killed maxed character veterans with 200k+ experience using a 30k experience character. You can be 95% optimal in one class you create in about 15 hours of gameplay as a new player. Faster if you seek optimal advice. More experience = more custom classes you can change between. You can not change during combat.

The Bad

-Controversial game, very slow development progress. Limited staff.

-Large toxic and vocal elements of community. Poor reputation for new-player integration, no hand holding.

-Resentful players from Darkfall 1 get choked up on nostalgia and dislike Darkfall 2 for not being "hardcore" enough. Campaign across the webs to slander it.

-Low population. We choose to wait for patch release because there will be a large influx of players subscribed again. After patch is live you'll probably see sieges in the range of 50vs50 max + unaligned elements. No guarantee these numbers will persist. Typical group sizes at High-risk PvP hotspots probably 5-15 during primetime.

-Leveling up has excellent free-aim AI, but no storyline. The game does not disguise the lvling process, you kill things for rewards and experience, while spawns are contested by players throughout the world. You can choose to be isolated at low-value spawns, or hunt and risk being hunted at high value spawns. This is a PvP game foremost.

-Difficult learning curve. Experienced veteran population that will rarely show mercy. For the competitive spirit only. (our group can mitigate the difficulty of this)

-Unconventional interface. Poor inventory system. Can tweak with in-game settings for more optimal combat layout. (This should be partially fixed by the patch we're starting on)

About the group

-I've played a lot, one friend has played a bit, and the other is a total newb. We play all types of games and are charming and handsome. We will focus mostly on Darkfall for the foreseeable future. We are not creating accounts until next patch releases. We will be very active in EST timezone.

-We are all using new accounts. I will provide as much or as little advice/aid as anyone wishes. Preconceptions of politics and community will be left behind. Fresh start. Low-experience people or other new accounts can tag along. No finished characters in the group.

-Looking to have fun first and foremost, all are welcome. Will not shy from PvP , and try to learn and get better.

-If any other groups are returning in a similar capacity for the patch let me know. The more people lvling up at a time, the more hectic and fun the experience will be, via conflict or allegiance.

-Message this account if you are interested in tagging along. We'll have a VOIP of some sort and can give you a heads up with the patch comes out via e-mail, skype or PM

-If one or two people want to join us, we'll wing it and play by ear. With a larger group we can make a clan and perhaps secure a city. With a ton of people we can break into two groups and compete.

-First couple days might be rough, before we get high enough experience to protect our lower experience players.




An archers PvP montage:

A wizards PvP montage. Fast pace build:

Solo warrior. No music:

Custom class overview: